Max Lau


Personal Training Manager

Max Lau is a personal training manager with 4 years of experiences in the fitness and health industry. From year 2004 to 2010, his weight had been stagnant between 110 kg to 118 kg (242.6 to 260.1 pounds). From year 2011 to 2013 however, his weight had reduced to between 75 kg to 80 kg (165.3 to 176.3 pounds). Having tried a few weight management/reduction products and they have proven to Max that they only work for a short while. The rest was still up to hard work, determination and a proper diet.

It is amazing to see how he has transformed to who he is now, it is hard to believe but it NOT impossible. It may be a slow process but one will definitely see results. With such, Max Lau would like to share his personal achievements and motivate everyone out there. His method may not work for everyone but he personally believe that with a proper training schedule and a good diet, one can lose weight and enjoy good food even while working hard in the gym.


Personal-Trainining-Singapore Max

Many years back, Max is not one who bothers about his weight. Standing at 180 cm (6 ft) tall and weighing between 110 kg to 118 kg,he was definitely huge. With such weight, his health was tremendously affected as he fell sick easily and would have difficulty breathing. One thing that is certain, he would always have difficulties looking for clothes and shoes of his size and there is definitely no way for him to show off his body, hence affecting his self-esteem. Being an avid player for a few sports, he always found it difficult to endure throughout the whole game as he lacked the stamina (probably due to his weight). There were many effects of being so huge and heavy. He always felt insecure about himself and that he was always taking up too much space when travelling in the public transport. Moreover, he would often perspire like a ‘running tap’  which not more than often result in terrible body odour.

Max was once 118 kg and disliked how he felt about himself. Through the many processes, he saw that it was only through hard work, determination and a balanced diet that one can lose weight healthily. With his love and passion for the fitness and health industry, he aspires to help those in similar situations in the most healthy method possible, expand his horizon in this industry and eventually have a gym of his own.

Inspired by the quote from John F. Kenndy ” Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity”, Max Lau believes that with a healthier body and better physique, it increases one’s self confidences and pushes one to achieve greater heights both intellectually and physically.