Alvan Lim


Personal Training Manager

Alvan has always been passionate about fitness, leading that lifestyle himself as a sports athlete.
Growing up under the influence of his father’s enthusiasm in keeping himself fit by doing various kind of sports from soccer to badminton and being an avid jogger who wakes up daily at 5.30 a.m to do his religious jogging, he has developed a keen sense of self - commitment towards fitness and competitiveness from the age of 12.

He started off his sports career as a former secondary school basketball player, representing the school for all 4 years from year 2003 to 2006. His best achievement as a basketball player was a top 8 placing in the “B” Division East Zone in 2006.

In his polytechnic days from year 2007 to 2009, he joined the polytechnic dragon boat team and never looked back, representing his polytechnic for 3 years competing with the other polytechnics and universities in Singapore.

In year 2010, he reached the peak of his sports career as a dragon boater when he was selected to be part of the National Team in 2010, after deciding to attempt the open selection test for the National Team Recruitment.

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He represented the nation for the whole of 2010 in several international competitions throughout the year, including the highlight of his dragon boat career, the Asian Games 2010 held in Guangzhou.

He had also actually deferred his National Service Enlistment by 6 months to participate in the Asian Games 2010, as a result, sacrificing his time to the sport. He felt that, at that point in time, he had this strong calling to commit towards his sports, passion and his team.

In the midst of his national service in 2012, despite being committed as a full-time national serviceman, he decided to continue to pursue his passion for fitness and sports by signing up a Personal Trainer Certification course and passed the exam in early 2013.

Since then, he has been and is a full time personal trainer with us, educating and guiding our clients towards their path to achieving their fitness goals. He has also inspired his clients to continue to make fitness a lifestyle even they had achieved their goals.

He has also not stopped being an athlete himself, using himself as a good example, by training and dieting well for his new found passion in Bodybuilding. He hopes to inspire others to dream of and expect themselves to be able to sculpt out that perfect physique.

His Qualifications: 

  • Clinical Fitness Professional (EIMS) 
  • Sports Nutrition Specialist - (ISSN)
  • Sports Nutrition Course - (FIT)
  • Suspension Training Level 1 Trainer - (TRX)
  • Certified Personal Trainer – (NCSF)
  • Certified Personal Trainer – (ACE)

Sports Achievement

Jan 10 – Dec 10                  National Team Dragon boat Team- Member


  • Competition- Guangzhou Asian Games 2010- Dragon Boat- 1000m Minor Final 4th, 500m Minor Final 5th, 250m Minor Final 4th
  • Competition- Singapore      River Regatta 2010 Invitational      Race (with International Teams)- 1st
  • Competition- Singapore Dragon Boat      Festival  2010 (representing      a local club) - National Men’s Open      Gold
  • Competiton- MR500 2010- National Men’s Open Gold

Jan 07 – Dec 09                  Temasek Polytechnic Dragon boat Team- Member


  • Competition- Singapore River      Regatta 09- Participation
  • Competition- Singapore Dragon      Boat Festival  09- Participation
  • Competition-      MR500- Participation
  • Competition-      Singapore River Regatta 08- 3rd      (Bronze)
  • Competition-      Master Series 2008- Participation
  • Competition-      Singapore River Regatta 07- 4th
  • Competition- Master Series 2007- Participation


Jan 03- Dec 06                    Temasek Secondary School Basketball Team- Member


  • National Schools’ East Zone B’ Boys Championship 2006- Top 8 Teams in East Zone
  • National Schools’ East Zone C’ Boys  Championship 2004 – Participation
  • National Schools’ East Zone C’ Boys  Championship 2003 – Participation

Alvan's Dragon Boat Days

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 personal-training-singapore alvan dragon 2

personal-training-singapore alvan dragon 3

Alvan's Results

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Alvan's client - Ms. Amy


Amy’s Before/After Picture Short Write Up

Prior to seeking personal training, Amy suffered from a lower back injury and ever since, has a weak lower back which had caused day-to-day problems like lifting her children up from the ground and occasionally still suffers from lower back pain.

Although she was afraid that weights training will make her bulky, she decided to seek help in August 2013.

Within the first 2 months of her personal training, her lower back pain has completely disappeared. Her lower back and core was much stronger than before. The most evident changes she experienced were that her overall body strength has increased too. She also felt so much more positive and energetic thus, making her feel more confident of herself and her own body.


In the next few months, she had also experienced weight loss and achieved a toned body.  The best part was, she did not realize it at all till her personal trainer made her search for her old photos and compare.

She is currently still training with her personal trainer and has gone way beyond getting rid of her lower back pain by embracing and incorporating fitness into her lifestyle and regime for life AND WEIGHTS TRAINING WILL NOT MAKE A WOMAN BULKY!


personal-training-singapore alan 1

Alvan Client  - Mr Edmund


Edmund’s Before/After Picture Short Write Up

Edmund was doing weights training with a buddy regularly prior to seeking personal training. He felt that he could not get the results he wanted - a better physique to flaunt with or without clothes.

Therefore, he took a major step by taking up personal training in August 2013. At first, he was rather skeptical about personal training as it is rather costly and only wished that a little result would be satisfactory and be worth it. However, he never once looked back and regretted.

Within months into personal training, he made leaps and bounds of improvement in terms of strength, stamina and definitely achieved a body recomposition by gaining lean muscle mass as depicted in the “After” picture in April 2014. He did not expect the guidance and motivation from a personal trainer to be so effective!

He is currently still training with his personal trainer and has already gone way past the initial stage of expecting minimal results. He is pushing his body and mind to its limits, striving to achieve the best physique he could.


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