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  • Providing the most effective training in our personal training studio and a children gym for both you and your children !!
  • Adult and children training are our expertise !!
  • Specialized premium equipments for adults and safe equipments for children!!
  • No membership fee required, you pay only for the training sessions !! Membership applies only to the Group PT sessions.

Q1. Why is Kevin Chiak’s PT Studio unique?

Kevin Chiak’s PT Studio is Singapore’s leading provider of fitness education, adult personal training and children group training services. We advocate the fitness lifestyle with safe, practical, workable, effective and goal orientated fitness training.

Q2. Why should I trust Kevin Chiak’s Family Fitness Centre?

First and foremost, the leader of any organisation is very important, it is important so that you know how reliable is the service and if the organisation is experienced. KEVIN CHIAK is a renowned trainer, a professional physique athlete and 4 x national bodybuilding champion , and now the president and founder of FM League that organise the biggest physique sports events in Singapore. He comes with more than 15 years of coaching hundreds of people, trained himself for 29 years and has a master degree of Science specialising in medical fitness. It is important to know who is taking care of you and you can certainly be assured and safe in the leadership of Kevin Chiak. For more of his profile please click picture


Q3. Why is the training at Kevin Chiak’s Family Fitness Centre known to many as effective and achievable?

We use the hard core but safe and effective training philosophy. Our trainings allow clients to work at higher intensities for greater energy expenditure and fat loss. And for other groups of people that may not be able to work out like the rest (injuries etc.), or people who have some slight illnesses but wishes to be fit and healthy again, we will work on an entire system, integrating movements that you perform in everyday life and progressing to higher cadence and intensity. For children, we use safe and effective machines configured for their fitness and strength training.

Q4. How many times must I train a week ?

We always believe that a newbie in a fitness programme should start slow, a lower frequency of 2 times a week and then increasing it if the client is ready or when he wants to. But for group pt, one may opt to come almost everyday of the month !!

Q5. Is there a fix schedule ?

Well, the time and date is set between the trainer and the client. Some of our clients like to fix the day and time to secure permanent slots, while others may opt to fix every time they finished one session. Remember this is a one-to-one training session unlike group training where you just need to follow the scheduled programme. So it’s pretty much flexible !!

For Group PT, schedules will be set up.

Q6. Is the training too tough as I am afraid I might give up or can’t keep up?

We like to start training our clients where their fitness and strength level is, not where we want it to be. We make sure our clients progress steadily and surely. And intensity is only adjusted when they are ready to do more, whether they want it tough or soft, it is adjustable, again we want to emphasize that this is a personal training session, you don’t have to keep up with anyone else except yourself !!

Q7. How old should my child be if he wants to join your children group classes?

Rough guide would be 6 to 11 years old, however some children are more advance so even at 5 yrs old they are bigger and stronger than other kids. And some kids can be smaller and weaker even though they are 12 or 13, so they can join the class too.

As for the rest of the questions you might want to refer to this poster and then speak to us if you have other questions.

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